dr raouf farag nail polish preppingWhen you wear a nail polish due largely in part to its exceptional durability, it becomes increasingly necessary to makestyle choices that are versatile enough to suit just about any occasion imaginable. And I must also note that I just so happen to be an individual who is proud to find just as much enjoyment in a highly detailed approach to preparing for a formal event as in the simple selection of an outfit based on nothing more than the comfort it provides. Since I am so frequently involved in social events that come with such a wide range of fashion demands, I have found it necessary to choose a highly versatile polish that also reflects a fashion-forward approach. Surprisingly, I found a great deal of inspiration during a visit to my doctor.

At a routine visit with Dr. Raouf Farag, I noted the change in paint color and complimented his choice. He laughed while recalling how long it took for the office to reach an agreement on an ideal color scheme, and expressed relief that he would never need to engage in a similar process with all of the stainless steel elements used throughout his practice. When he noted how stainless steel matches everything and never goes out of style, I immediately knew how to solve my nail polish dilemma.

Since that visit with my doctor, I have experimented with both mirrored and metallic nail polishes while using mostly minimalist designs. I was thrilled to discover that a minimalist approach to metallic polish met my needs perfectly. I wasable to leave my polish unchanged regardless of the social affair and received countless compliments on my nails across the full spectrum of those events. For someone who appreciates fashion-forward trends as well as versatility and durability, it is quite rare to find an ideal approach that meets those seemingly disparate requirements.

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