There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need a little help. The same goes for your child. Your child may be struggling in school. Instead of letting them just “skate by”, why not get them some help?

Here are 5 tips to help you get started in the process of finding someone good

1) Always discuss this with your child first. They should have some input here. They are ones who are getting the help. Pitch the idea to your child and see what they say. Do they show resistance to the idea? Find out why. You cannot hire someone until you find out how it is a hot button issue for them first.

2) Malibu tutoring does not come in a one-size-fits-all deal. Every child is different. Your child may require something others do not. Consider your child’s priorities. Find out where exactly they are falling behind. Choose the proper setting and cost. There is always different options available to you and your child.

3) Do you know other kids who have used a tutor before? Do you know any parents who are or were in this situation? They may know something you do not. Find out from them how they went about the process? Their situation may require a different rule book, but it is still the same game. Consider your options properly. Come about this with an open mind. Be open to changing things around if need be. This is about your child, not you. Their needs come first. As long as your child gets on well with the tutor, the rest will take care of itself.

4) Does the tutor have experience? It is not enough to just be a “good teacher”. This person needs to be qualified in the area where your child needs the most help. Find out where they went to school. Find out how they fared in school. Do not rely on “book smarts” only. The teacher could excel in “books smarts” and be lacking in all other departments. Find out if they tutor had any other jobs like this. Ask they how they did. Then ask the person they helped how the tutor did. It is best to get a good perspective from both sides. One side may only be telling “their version”. Their version may be one-sided. It is best to know the whole story of what went down.

5) This should not take over their lives. We all have a tendency to let certain things dominate our lives. It can become very unhealthy. Keep your child’s life and yours balanced. Your child still needs time to be a child. Your child needs time to include others things in their life, so be respectful of this.

Time their break time properly. Every child needs something different when it comes to their break time. Some need a small break after 40 minutes. Some can take longer. Some need a shorter time. Hire a tutor who takes your child’s welfare into consideration.

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