Should we stockpile gold and silver? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes” without a doubt. However the reasons as to why and how to do it are equally resounding yet far more complicated. The simple fact is that a stockpile of anything, especially if that anything does not spoil such as precious metals, is a good idea. Another bottom line is that when worldwide economic systems fail the best things to have are food, fuel and machines or animals that can work for you using either one of those resources. One the other hand when the national market is holding a strong GDP (Gross Domestic Product) a good stock pile of gold is good to have.

That is if you actually do any trading in stocks over the market, which takes time and practice to do well. This is because if are using your stockpile as cache value against the value of competing markets. Having these stock piles of precious metals does bolster significant value to your holdings, when enough of your fellow investors have their stockpiles of these precious metals. But even then they have to own them the right way. Keeping old uncle Abe’s pure gold musket over the mantle place is not exactly the way to go. The gold you or your colleagues hold needs to be purchased through a United States mint program. That way the every working and productive US citizen benefits from your business savvy.

If you have the business savvy to be earning a competitive wage among other fortunate endeavors, you just might have what it takes to be in the stockpiling way. Things such as, the longevity and experience to have saved and your earnings with the smarts to let the interest grow are needed. Also, the education training social and business connections trading experience, tools and drive to not lose your shirt never hurts either. If and when all those qualities mix in together in making one up formidable opponent in the business arena, then a person should be stockpiling gold.

It also might be a smart hobby for anyone to have and a great training exercise for those who want to be when they are that formidable individual. An important thing to remember when performing this wealth building exercise is that the federal government can and does play a major role in all of it. In other worlds, there are politics involved with investing in gold, so it is not what you know but who you that makes all the difference. Other than those facts, there is really nothing that should stop anyone one from starting their own gold hoard.

With enough planning and saving you may be able to do something run a foundation or offer a new opportunity to a successful go-getter like the River Cohen College Scholarship does. Or perhaps you can start your own franchise of businesses and help others get on their way to the right track through proper business practices just like the man himself, River Cohen. Just as long as you know to look for when things are not going right, everything tends to work itself out if you just keep trying to save yourself. It all starts with learning to work to get things done no matter what and on your own if need be.

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