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Electronic Money in an Internet-less World – Should we Stockpile Gold and Silver?

Should we stockpile gold and silver? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes” without a doubt. However the reasons as to why and how to do it are equally resounding yet far more complicated. The simple fact is that a stockpile of anything, especially if that anything does not spoil such as precious metals, is a good idea. Another bottom line is that when worldwide economic systems fail the best things to have are food, fuel and machines or animals that can work for you using either one of those resources. One the other hand when the national market is holding a strong GDP (Gross Domestic Product) a good stock pile of gold is good to have.

That is if you actually do any trading in stocks over the market, which takes time and practice to do well. This is because if are using your stockpile as cache value against the value of competing markets. Having these stock piles of precious metals does bolster significant value to your holdings, when enough of your fellow investors have their stockpiles of these precious metals. But even then they have to own them the right way. Keeping old uncle Abe’s pure gold musket over the mantle place is not exactly the way to go. The gold you or your colleagues hold needs to be purchased through a United States mint program. That way the every working and productive US citizen benefits from your business savvy.

If you have the business savvy to be earning a competitive wage among other fortunate endeavors, you just might have what it takes to be in the stockpiling way. Things such as, the longevity and experience to have saved and your earnings with the smarts to let the interest grow are needed. Also, the education training social and business connections trading experience, tools and drive to not lose your shirt never hurts either. If and when all those qualities mix in together in making one up formidable opponent in the business arena, then a person should be stockpiling gold.

It also might be a smart hobby for anyone to have and a great training exercise for those who want to be when they are that formidable individual. An important thing to remember when performing this wealth building exercise is that the federal government can and does play a major role in all of it. In other worlds, there are politics involved with investing in gold, so it is not what you know but who you that makes all the difference. Other than those facts, there is really nothing that should stop anyone one from starting their own gold hoard.

With enough planning and saving you may be able to do something run a foundation or offer a new opportunity to a successful go-getter like the River Cohen College Scholarship does. Or perhaps you can start your own franchise of businesses and help others get on their way to the right track through proper business practices just like the man himself, River Cohen. Just as long as you know to look for when things are not going right, everything tends to work itself out if you just keep trying to save yourself. It all starts with learning to work to get things done no matter what and on your own if need be.

Prepper Opposite

untitled (200) untitled (199)What is the opposite of a Prepper?  I guess it would be an Non-Prepper.  A Non-Prepper would be a person completely unprepared for any problems that may happen.  I think most of us assume that the world will not change. We think that everything will be alright so why prepare for something that will not happen.  Preppers are pessimistic about our future and feel the need to be prepared for the pend disaster. The best way…I don’t know.  I want to believe that we will all be OK.  Consolidated Credit is betting on the future being OK as they want to get paid back.

Prepping on a Budget

untitled (23) Prepping on a Budget is a challenge but you can do it if you put your mind to it.  The way the government is taking over and people getting ugly and not caring what or who the damage to say they are doing damage. Our government has lost control and are cities and states in some areas or also losing control of there life style because of fear to take a stand and say you all need to get a job of your own and off your butts take proud in where you live and not take from others. We started falling when we made it hard for young people to get jobs after school and taking religion from the schools.  I was one of the young child that would take a job in the summer picking grapes and nuts and then working as typing this made my work ethic better.  I would work hard and then we would go buy school clothes and gifts for Christmas with then money for that summer.  Dove Medical Press has some ideas for you.untitled (22)

Prepper First Aid Kit

Have you ever prepare for an emergency.  What would you think is in the prepper first aid kit.   Is it food water first aid supplies how much.  How many first aid kits do you think the prepper first aid kit have in storage. Is it in their basement or just a corner closet.?  Do they have weapons also in the kits or is that concedered something that is important in a kit for first aid.  How much do they have surgery supplies also for a major injury and what medicines do they put in the kit.  If you think about out dates what a waste of supplies.  Tonye Cole  can help out.

Prepping for Payments in The New Economy

With the world what it is today many are taking to prepping to overcome their fears of the supposed Apocalypse. Though apocalypse may not be entirely accurate it isn’t entirely inaccurate either, for it is the fear of the unknown that plagues most of us, and preparing for the end isn’t totally inane. In fact, many would think prepping to be clever and ingenious. If you can imagine the end for a moment you could probably understand that everything we take for granted would suddenly become priceless, for instance; running water, electricity, natural gas, and the internet.

I guess one good thing about an apocalypse would be not having to make payments to all your bills, I suppose you would become suddenly exempt from all your responsibilities. Maybe a smart idea would be to along with storing bottled water, propane, and Ritz crackers, would be to hoard some form of new world valuable items for future payments. Maybe copper wire, or maybe old mobile devices, or even specialty items like chocolate truffles and popcorn. So, next time you use your credit card to make a payments for a gift online or even to pay a bill, be grateful, because tomorrow you may not be able to do that anymore.