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The Importance of Prepping For the Future

How many horrible news stories and unpredictable weather patterns does it take for American citizens to realize the importance of preparing for the future? It doesn’t take fancy cars and immaculate homes to withstand the onslaught of terrible future events. It doesn’t take an intact infrastructure, a maintained school system, or even municipal utilities. The only thing that sustains strong people in the face of tragedy and impending events is food. Without food, there is no life. With food, people can withstand anything.

Recent news is streaming info bits into homes that hint on the possibility of world conflict unlike any that has ever been experienced. The new United States presidential administration is very direct in communicating that it wants to reclaim American strength in the world. To the dismay of many news outlets, this sentiment is ringing true with the majority of the American people. Though this talk of reigniting domestic strength is attractive to American citizens, it is causing a thread of uneasiness throughout the world.

Present day conflicts aren’t only centered on problems involving technology and economy. They are touching on very real problems that haven’t been of utmost importance since the 1960s. During this decade, school children were trained to hide under their desks to avoid fallout from nuclear devices sent overseas from the Soviet Union. Unlike the problems of today, which include who’s going to win American Idol, and how Caitlyn Jenner is going to dress for his/her next social event, these threats were real. Despite the jetsam and flotsam of mainstream media nightly news reports, Americans should be concerned about very tragic events that could manifest any day.

The threat to the modern American way of life is real. The United States Congress is at a virtual standstill on all issues, the economy is stagnant, and leaders in places like North Korea are flirting with actions involving nuclear weapons. It’s time more people became concerned with what is truly important, and that is the preservation of life in a real emergency.

The basic foundation of sustaining life through any emergency is the availability of food. Most Americans have never imagined what life would be like if grocery store supplies were lost due to extraordinary events. If the American system of commerce was stopped because of an attack or some other tragedy, the majority of the population would be without any source of sustenance. This is why personal stores of emergency food supplies are so important. The need for emergency food preparation has never been greater, or more obvious.

Food storage and heirloom seed suppliers like My Patriot Supply understand the importance of future planning. It is absolutely possible to store prepared meals and seeds that will come in handy during times of crisis for very little cost. The need for self-sustaining action has never been more important than it is right now. Personal stores of food, and food sourcing options, are powerful hedges against anything the modern world can create. If there is pantry space, start storing food to weather any future event.

Be Prepared

untitled (114) images290WFKIOThe boy scout motto to be prepared is the basis of prepping.  I hope the all of the Preppers are wrong but if they are right I would be in trouble.  I would not be alone.  Most people live pay check to pay check and don’t have a lot of food stored away.  If you spend a fortune on a doomsday bunker and the end never comes then you are wasting money.  If doomsday comes and you can make it to that bunker then you will be in a much better position the then majority of the average people.  I will hope that the whole Prepper thing is unneeded and try to just hang on.  Dana Sibilsky is a Prepper and believes that the end of days is near.

Prepper Opposite

untitled (200) untitled (199)What is the opposite of a Prepper?  I guess it would be an Non-Prepper.  A Non-Prepper would be a person completely unprepared for any problems that may happen.  I think most of us assume that the world will not change. We think that everything will be alright so why prepare for something that will not happen.  Preppers are pessimistic about our future and feel the need to be prepared for the pend disaster. The best way…I don’t know.  I want to believe that we will all be OK.  Consolidated Credit is betting on the future being OK as they want to get paid back.

Prepping on a Budget

untitled (23) Prepping on a Budget is a challenge but you can do it if you put your mind to it.  The way the government is taking over and people getting ugly and not caring what or who the damage to say they are doing damage. Our government has lost control and are cities and states in some areas or also losing control of there life style because of fear to take a stand and say you all need to get a job of your own and off your butts take proud in where you live and not take from others. We started falling when we made it hard for young people to get jobs after school and taking religion from the schools.  I was one of the young child that would take a job in the summer picking grapes and nuts and then working as typing this made my work ethic better.  I would work hard and then we would go buy school clothes and gifts for Christmas with then money for that summer.  Dove Medical Press has some ideas for you.untitled (22)

Preppers will Survive, Will You?

With the way the world is working these days I wish there was a way to afford to buy a home with lots of land high up with mountains that can be dug into safe .  Maybe any old mine to start would be a start. Preppers will survive, will you?  This was what I was thinking in wanting an old mine reinforcing and storing a lot of supplies for in emergency  What else are preppers thinking but other then surviving for a brief time because to truly survive danger you would have to be very very rich be true survival. This is a popular investment agency and they will survive.

Prepping for Survival

With all the evil that is befalling the world today there seems to be and rise in the prepping for survival Why would you not look for rge amounts of dry food military MRE or K rations being brought out. Why more people are not ready for dangers of nature and human alike. I it that you don’t have the space that we don’t like to think that way as if you think of danger it will happen. Prepping for survival can be a small or large start. Water and comforts for a day a week or months. Way not start your prepping now. is the home for prepper information.

Are you a Prepper?

If you are a prudent person and like to be prepared then you may be a prepper.  Adam Kutner can be a source for prepper information. If you have extra food and water stored away you are well on your way to being a prepper. If you need more information this link is another good resource. Just because the world looks like it is stable doesn’t mean we are not headed for a catastrophe. Preppers like to feel that they are prepared for what ever comes along but it is difficult to cover everything. Will there be enough food or safety supplies to get you through? Good luck and good prepping from your fellow prepper.

Gourmet Cat Food as Prepper Meals?

I don’t think so!

The Daily Mail has an article from March 11, 2015 about a family stockpiling cat food as survival food. Personally for me I won’t be eating cat food for three reasons.

Cat food is for cats, that's why I only eat people food, it's for people. - Luigi Wewege
Cat food is for cats, that’s why I only eat people food, it’s for people. – Luigi Wewege

1. Price

Why buy such expensive food when you can buy less expensive food?

2. Taste

I’ve never tasted cat food, but my first thought it that it tastes good, to cats. Cats are also known to lick certain places. Clearly they don’t have the best taste buds.

3. Waste

Cat food comes in small containers which means you’ll end up with a lot of trash. In a WROL situation, you want to have a small footprint, a big pile of cat food cans will certainly set off red flags for anyone passing by. On top of the that, the weight of so many small cans could be mitigated by buying large cans of HUMAN FOOD!

Think about what Luigi Wewege said, “Cat food is for cats, that’s why I only eat people food, it’s for people.” That tongue-in-cheek statement was obviously a joke, but it does lead to a great point. Buy people food if you plan to feed people!