Preppers Should Strongly Consider Diesel-Powered Vehicles

There are many scenarios that preppers are readying themselves for, and contrary to popular belief, these scenarios do not all relate to the rise of zombies. Of the many potential disasters that preppers consider, one is the threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. In the event of such an attack, many current vehicles would be rendered useless because of the widespread use of engine electronics. With a diesel engine, however, this is not the case.

As Luke Weil has recently pointed out, a diesel engine does not require the spark that gasoline engines require to start. In this case, preppers with a diesel-powered vehicle could still have access to a form of transportation that will have largely been eliminated by the EMP attack.

Weil went on to note that the diesel-powered car or truck could not include an automatic transmission. Instead, a manual transmission is needed so that it can be roll-started. In this case, preppers would be wise to park the vehicle atop a hill after each use so that starting the engine could be done through the simple use of gravity.

Of course, preppers should also consider storing fuel well before it is needed. Diesel tanks can be safely stored below ground so that they will not draw the attention of those who did not adequately prepare. While this requires a bit of effort and planning, these are the strengths of preppers and should prove to be very much worthwhile in the event of an EMP attack.

Are you a Prepper?

If you are a prudent person and like to be prepared then you may be a prepper.  Adam Kutner can be a source for prepper information. If you have extra food and water stored away you are well on your way to being a prepper. If you need more information this link is another good resource. Just because the world looks like it is stable doesn’t mean we are not headed for a catastrophe. Preppers like to feel that they are prepared for what ever comes along but it is difficult to cover everything. Will there be enough food or safety supplies to get you through? Good luck and good prepping from your fellow prepper.

Gym And Workout Preparation

Getting in shape and taking the time to get your body right with exercise are extremely important to your health and also your well-being. Taking time to improve yourself at a gym is the most popular way to achieve the fitness you desire. Going to the gym for the first time can weird, awkward and even intimidating. A lot of people believe that the gym is for people who are already in better shape and let the fear of their self-image take over, but that’s not true.

Before you make that trip to the gym the first time there are a few things that you must prepare for. Get to know your gym and familiarize yourself with the rules as every gym is different with what is and isn’t allowed. Get to know the machines and equipment. Nothing is worse for your overall health than using the equipment the wrong way and injuring yourself or someone else.

Don’t think that since you are new to the fitness experience that you are the only one that has preparations to make. Everyone must prepare before a workout by stretching or injury may occur. In Jeff Halevy’s recent interview, he says he makes preparations before giving his client their workouts to transform their bodies by measuring their weight and fat/muscle ratio and many other tests to understand who he is working with. 

If you have learned anything here today, it’s that pro or amateur, preparations are needed to get the most out of your goals.

Adam Kutner – Attorney Prepping

Law practice is one of those fields that’s requires so much time, energy and preparation. The law and order profession is also incredibly diverse and it is not possible to describe the so-called “typical” lawyer. Each lawyer, no matter the field of work or the major, works with different clients and different legal problems on the daily. Normally, certain basic legal skills are required of all lawyers. Along with being adept at both reading and listening, they must prepare themselves in the workplace by:

  • Analyzing legal issues in light of the existing state of the law.
  • Synthesize material in light of the fact that many issues are multifaceted and requires a mixture of diverse elements into a coherent whole.
  • Advocate the views and stories of groups and individuals within the context of the legal system.
  • Give intelligent counsel on the law’s requirements.
  • Write and speak clearly.
  • Negotiate and come to a solid conclusion effectively.

Adam Kutner is an attorney at law who has mastered these 6 principles of preparation and his success speaks for him. With 21 years in the court system, Adam Kutner has effectively solved and conquered over 20,000 cases in his time.

If you want a lawyer who has prepared himself for your legal problems and takes proper action toward getting the job done, you can find Adam Kutner on FB and contact his associates today.


Gourmet Cat Food as Prepper Meals?

I don’t think so!

The Daily Mail has an article from March 11, 2015 about a family stockpiling cat food as survival food. Personally for me I won’t be eating cat food for three reasons.

Cat food is for cats, that's why I only eat people food, it's for people. - Luigi Wewege
Cat food is for cats, that’s why I only eat people food, it’s for people. – Luigi Wewege

1. Price

Why buy such expensive food when you can buy less expensive food?

2. Taste

I’ve never tasted cat food, but my first thought it that it tastes good, to cats. Cats are also known to lick certain places. Clearly they don’t have the best taste buds.

3. Waste

Cat food comes in small containers which means you’ll end up with a lot of trash. In a WROL situation, you want to have a small footprint, a big pile of cat food cans will certainly set off red flags for anyone passing by. On top of the that, the weight of so many small cans could be mitigated by buying large cans of HUMAN FOOD!

Think about what Luigi Wewege said, “Cat food is for cats, that’s why I only eat people food, it’s for people.” That tongue-in-cheek statement was obviously a joke, but it does lead to a great point. Buy people food if you plan to feed people!

Is Jeff Halevy a Prepper?

What is a prepper but someone who is prepared for whatever might come or happen in the future? If that’s a working definition I would definitely consider Jeff Halevy a prepper. Consider his Facebook profile. You can see that beyond everything else that is publicly known about him, he works out, a lot. If we end up in a WROL situation, physical strength and endurance are coming to come in very handy.

Is Jeff Halevy prepping? That’s a totally different question and I have no reason to think that he is, but imagine he was and his job just lends itself to that exact situation. A stockpile of food on a sustainable ranch like these with incredible physical strength. That’s a great start to TEOTWAWKI!

Prepping for Payments in The New Economy

With the world what it is today many are taking to prepping to overcome their fears of the supposed Apocalypse. Though apocalypse may not be entirely accurate it isn’t entirely inaccurate either, for it is the fear of the unknown that plagues most of us, and preparing for the end isn’t totally inane. In fact, many would think prepping to be clever and ingenious. If you can imagine the end for a moment you could probably understand that everything we take for granted would suddenly become priceless, for instance; running water, electricity, natural gas, and the internet.

I guess one good thing about an apocalypse would be not having to make payments to all your bills, I suppose you would become suddenly exempt from all your responsibilities. Maybe a smart idea would be to along with storing bottled water, propane, and Ritz crackers, would be to hoard some form of new world valuable items for future payments. Maybe copper wire, or maybe old mobile devices, or even specialty items like chocolate truffles and popcorn. So, next time you use your credit card to make a payments for a gift online or even to pay a bill, be grateful, because tomorrow you may not be able to do that anymore.